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Action Petroleum is a North American company that is dedicated to cleaning up the environment in all locations of the world.  We have been incorporated for 21 years, with our principle location in Ducktown, Tn, USA.  Our principle officers is Tim Kaylor, President.

Action Petroleum, Inc. is the world leader in design, manufacture, and supply of oil spill response equipment.  Our equipment designer's focus mainly on the containment, recovery and storage of oil pollution spills.

We provide expert recommendations for our equipment to best suit the needs and applications of our customers and all equipment is manufactured in house so that we may offer equipment designed to our customers specifications.

We have been rewarded with high praises for our innovated design of our patented multi skimmer, which allows our customer to buy one skimmer with the option of four different heads that can be interchanged in less than a minute.  This allows for recovery of all different oil viscosities with one skimmer.

Through out the years we have formed good business relationships with 31 distributors, which are located in India, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Moscow, Latvia, The Netherlands, Peru, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Panama, Guatemala, South Africa and all throughout the USA, Thailand, South Africa, Kuwait, Egypt, England, and Brunei

We have completed a contract for the US Navy for our 28 foot long Navy Response Vessels along with contracts with the Coast Guards, Air Force, Army, and National Parks for numerous quantities of skimmers, booms, boom reels, quick tanks, and tow able bladders located throughout the USA.

To date we have sold over 1800 skimmers of all different types and sizes.  For example, we manufacture the Multi-skimmer, Manhole, Weir, V.O.S.S., and the Grizzly Skimmers.  Over 1,500,000 feet of oil containment boom of all different makes, standard, air, seashore, permanent, and EZ boom. Over 500 Boom Reels, Quick Tanks, and Tow Bladders.  We also manufactured numerous accessories such as air blowers, tide slides, magna-mounts, L-brackets and Berms.  We have strived and are dedicated to meet all of our customers needs.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Ducktown, Tn.  We have 22 dedicated employees.  Our plant has 47,500 square feet and is equipped with state of the art machines such as a CNC Laser Cutters, Robotic Welders, and 4-20,000 kw RF Welding Machines, which enable us to give the best quality of products to our customers. 

Upon completion of the equipment they are ran through our Quality Assurance and are inspected and tested according to ISO 9001 standards before they are packaged and made ready for shipment.

Contact: 1-800-496-5110 or 423-496-5000 Email: actionpetro@aol.com



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