The Action Petroleum Multi-Skimmers are accepted around the globe as the most versatile and reliable skimmers in the world. The Multi-Skimmer has interchangeable skimming heads that can change in less than 1 minute with no tools. The Multi-Skimmer can ch ange between, a Drum, a Brush, a Disc or a Belt skimmer head that makes the Multi-Skimmer a 4 in 1 skimmer for any oil condition. With recovery ranges from 15 g.p.m./3.5 M3/hr to 550 g.p.m./125 M3/hr. for use in a wide range of applications. From API separators to Open Ocean. Many designs are patented, often copied--Never surpassed. Over 1,500 units delivered.


  • Low maintenance & cost efficient
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Will operate in 1/4" of water
  • Air or hydraulic powered or DC Electric


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