AP Peristaltic
The Peristaltic pump can transfer liquids, viscous slurries, gaseous media and can be used as a vacuum pump. The material being pumped only contacts the hose interior and passes straight through the pump. Ideal for pumping hazardous material.


ST2C Centrifugal Submersible
Light weight centrifugal, all purpose hydraulic pump for bilge pumping, jobsite dewatering and transfer pump. High discharge pressure for pumping long distances. Can be operated with backhoe, vacuum trucks or other existing hydraulic systems.


High volume, all purpose centrifugal pump. Extremely compact designed centrifugal pump driven by a hydraulic motor. Can be operated with existing hydraulic system.


APS-P4 Centrifugal Screw
Centrifugal Screw impeller combines the properties of a screw pump with those of a centrifugal pump. The low liquid velocity in the pump results in relative low shear force. This makes the pump suitable for liquids which have to be handled carefully and without too much motion and turbulence, in order to avoid emulsification.


AP-PDS4 Positive Displacement Archimedes
Positive displacement pump, ideal for oil spill applications. Handles a broad range of fluids from water to extremely viscous oil and tar balls, even when contaminated with debris. Fitted with a strong cutting knife arrangement which can slice through marine grasses and seaweed, synthetic line, pieces of wood and other typical items of trash commonly found.


AP Trash Pump
This high volume trash pump is equipped with a diesel engine making it ideal as an all purpose pump.


AP Diaphragm Pump                                                                                                                                           This heavy service, self priming, diaphragm pump features quality usually found in heavier and more expensive units.


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